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Links to Energy Empowerment

Today I thought I would share the energy market information resources I love. These are my go-to sources that help me build a view of the energy market fundamentals, energy pricing trends and to generally stay “in the know”. Many of these resources are geared toward energy professionals but I have sorted through them to pick out the important bits that energy consumers may find valuable.


Energy Information Association (EIA)


EIA has the most comprehensive supply and demand information available and is a major resource for nearly all energy professionals. The site is extremely voluminous which can make it difficult to find what you are looking for, but the weekly updates of standard data can be easy to track and understand. Additionally, the trending reports EIA creates from analyzing their own data can be very insightful. The site also offers interactive data viewers if you want to go crazy graphing their huge databases.


Useful data for end-use customers:


Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report


Natural Gas Weekly Update


Short-Term Energy Outlook


NOAA Climate Prediction


Weather is undeniably one of the main factors driving short-term energy prices. Most traders utilize the 6-10 day and 8 -14 day temperature outlooks from NOAA as a key data point to help them manage their risk. This map depicts the confidence the weather forecaster has of above-normal and below-normal temperatures into the near future.


6 – 10 Day Outlook


8 – 14 Day Outlook


Engie Historical Pricing Data


Engie has a great website designed to allow access to tons of historic electricity pricing data. The website gives the user the ability to develop historic data reports with just a few clicks. Consumers on a block and index pricing structure can use this site to monitor their budgets intra-month and to monitor pricing trends as they happen. This site will require login credentials but it is free once you set it up.


Engie Historic Pricing




PJM is another one of those sites that has all the information you ever need if only you could find it. Much of the information is geared toward major stakeholders such as generators and transmission owners but there are a few nuggets that might be interesting to customers such as real time pricing and PJM demand forecasts which can be used to predict the peak days that make up your Peak Load Contribution (PLC).


Locational Marginal Pricing Map


Data Viewer


CME Group


CME Group manages the NYMEX exchange where natural gas futures are traded as well as a host of other energy, agricultural and metal commodities. The NYMEX is a good place to watch short-term and long-term energy pricing and the correlation between the commodities.


NYMEX Natural Gas Futures


NYMEX Crude Oil Futures


Energy Choice Matters


Energy Choice Matters is a daily publication that informs readers of the business side of the competitive energy business. Not only does the publication inform readers of regulatory changes it also tracks mergers and acquisitions of the players within the energy space. The site does offer access to the daily archives but is limited in the search function. Generally speaking, anything big happening in the world of retail energy will likely be covered by this publication. This site will require login credentials but it is free once you set it up.


Trusted Energy Professional


No one web link can be more valuable than a trusted energy professional that watches all this data and interprets it into a market view for the customer. Such a professional (broker, consultant, supplier rep, etc.) must be able to talk to these details to deliver a concise market picture. These web links will empower you to create your own opinion and allow you to have deeper discussions with your energy guide.

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