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INSIGHTS about Energy Procurement, Management and the Market from the Energy Guide Team.

Ohio: Leading the Energy Revolution?

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The energy revolution is upon us. Ohio is in a period of unmatched change in the way we produce, use and think about energy. Why now? What does it mean to us? And are we poised to take advantage of this opportunity?   The change in the energy space over the past eight years is frankly mind blowing. The Ohio […]


5 Ways Your Electric Supply Deal Can Go Wrong

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You have done your due diligence, solicited the market for the best supply offers, read and reread the energy contracts, picked your supplier and signed on the dotted line. Energy supply nirvana (insert record scratch sound here) until it is not. A majority of the time things go as planned but what happens when they […]


5 Game Changing Ohio Energy Projects


Over the past five years, the Ohio energy environment has been flipped on its head. We have the luxury of some of the lowest energy prices in the world and investors are taking notice. According to JobsOhio, more than $30 billion in NEW investment has come to our state from the energy sector. Here are the top energy projects under development […]


2017 Ohio Electricity Outlook


Many of the 2017 developments expected in the energy world for Ohio are carryovers from 2016 with a few twists. Here are the top issues that could impact your future electricity budgets.   Re-regulation Initiative in the Statehouse   Re-regulation by far will be the highest profile story of 2017. Two major utilities in the state […]


The Fight for Your $15 Billion


The stage is set for battles at the Ohio Statehouse to roll back electricity deregulation. In one corner are two major Ohio utilities and in the other corner are the consumers and independent power plant producers. In an environment of historically low energy prices and generation technology advancements the traditional utility generators simply cannot compete. […]


The PUCO Money Tree


A friend of mine recently said, “People will keep shaking the money tree as long as it is still producing.” This couldn’t be truer when describing the relationship between the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and three of the four Ohio investor-owned utilities.  This month, the PUCO issued two rulings handing out over $1 billion of ratepayer money […]


5 Reasons Why Utilities Don’t Want to Make Power


A few weeks ago, AEP Ohio announced the sale of four of its premier power plants to two private equity firms. The sale included three natural gas-fired plants totaling 2,533 MWs and a monster coal-fired plant totaling 2,665 MWs. This transaction is the second of its kind in Ohio as Duke Energy sold all of […]


Is it Hot Enough for You? And what is the Effect on Electricity Prices?


Even though not completely over, the summer of 2016 will be one to remember. Most people would think of the Rio Olympics or the current political circus, but as an energy nerd I will remember the heat. Cooling Degree Days is a measure of the day’s temperature to the energy demand of air conditioning. The higher […]


The Battery Revolution


Energy storage is catching the spotlight now more than ever. More energy storage has been installed globally in the past three years than the previous thirty. Navigant Research predicts global commercial and industrial battery capacity to grow from 499.4 MW today to 9,100 MWs in 2025. Alone and in combination with renewable distributed energy, battery […]


Distributed Generation 101


Many Ohio manufacturers are frustrated by rising delivery costs from their electric utility. These costs are unavoidable even if shopping for generation service and allow little control as they are set through the PUCO rate-making process. In order to control such costs, manufacturers are looking more and more to distributed generation (DG) as a solution. So what is it […]


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