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In a deregulated electricity generation market,
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How can you make the best decisions? Energy Guide is an engine that
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your price risk and frees up your management time.


You need criteria-based solutions from trusted experts who can help your
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Links to Energy Empowerment

This Valentine’s Day I thought I would share the energy market information resources I love. These are my go-to sources that help me build a view of the energy market fundamentals, energy pricing trends and to generally stay “in the know”.  Many of these resources are geared toward energy professionals but I have sorted through them to […]


Hottest Energy Issues in 2018

As we entered 2017, the energy marketplace was expected to be filled with uncertainty and boy, it did not disappoint! With the new Administration came a reversal in initiatives on nearly everything energy, and at the state level the battles continued over subsidies for uneconomic power plants. Can we expect the same for 2018?  Below is my lineup of 2018’s hottest issues in […]


Can Blockchain Blowup Today’s Energy Markets?

If you have never heard of blockchain then you are not alone. The concept is budding out of the theory stage with entrepreneurs scrambling to implement its power in nearly every industry from banking, voting, insurance and yes … energy. Blockchain is most famously known as the underpinning of the decentralized cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, but what […]


Energy Demand Trends – Will They Affect Your Price?

I frequently write about how transformational shifts in energy production and pricing have been benefitting consumers. As I look out at this point in time, I see a few demand shifts that could have a bit of a braking effect on the low costs of energy we’ve been enjoying. Let’s take a look at three […]


Two Provisions in Your Electric Agreement That Can Bite You

Joe Buyer from ABC Company needs to sign a new electricity supply agreement. He does his due diligence and signs up with Superman Energy Supply for a 3 year fixed rate of 5 cents per kWh. Superman Energy Supply properly enrolls the account to its service and issues the first invoice. Joe Buyer reviews the bill […]


A Tale of Katrina, Harvey on Your Natural Gas Price

It is hard to wrap our heads around the unbelievable devastation left by Tropical Storm Harvey. Although many of the impacts of this storm are not yet quantified one that has historically been present during the Gulf of Mexico storms was eerily absent, soaring natural gas prices.   I wanted to contrast this storm with that […]


What Energy Prices are Telling Us About Electric Reliability

The current energy market is unlike any we have ever seen. The fundamentals have changed drastically and we have yet to reach a point of stasis. Paradigm shifts are happening everywhere: where and how we extract natural gas to how we generate, use and store electricity. The tension between the old and new paradigms often drive opposing views among market participants. This […]


Three Common Mistakes Made by Energy Buyers

Buying energy is not like buying parts, equipment and supplies. Electricity cannot yet be stored in a scalable manner which subjects the buyer to a potentially volatile marketplace. Managing price changes effectively can be extremely beneficial to a budget but the opposite is also true. When energy supply contracts are not executed ideally, customers can experience unnecessary […]


Can Trump Save Ohio Coal Plants?

President Trump shocked the international community with his exit from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. In one tweet he stated, “China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants. So we can’t build the plants, but they can, according to this agreement.”   Coal has historically played a significant role in Ohio electricity production […]


4 Promises of a Smart Grid

Last week, the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) launched an initiative with the intent of taking the first steps to modernize the electricity grid in Ohio. The PowerForward initiative will be a series of workshops over the course of the year that will bring together the expertise of many stakeholders to ultimately develop a path […]


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