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HB6: Repeal? Replace? Reform? Or Do Nothing?

Last year, many who watched the Ohio General Assembly work on House Bill 6 – commonly known as the nuclear-subsidy bill – had a gut feeling that something was not right. Those feelings were validated in July 2020 when then-Speaker Larry Householder and four others in his political posse were arrested on bribery and racketeering charges related to the passage Read More

What the Capacity is Going On?

Each May, PJM conducts a ‘capacity’ auction to ensure there is sufficient power supply to meet the needs of the forecasted consumption. The results of these auctions determine 15% to 25% of consumers’ electric supply rate. The main capacity auction is conducted three years in advance of the delivery year, thereby allowing customers to lock in capacity costs with certainty. Read More

Breakdown in Oil Production Negotiations Brings Bullish Natural Gas Market

Just as the world was realizing it was in the COVID-19 pandemic, oil production negotiations between Russia and Saudi Arabia collapsed on March 8, resulting in a price implosion of 50% from January prices. While we can appreciate low gasoline prices, this new oil market could mean a short-term boom for natural gas producers. The negotiation breakdown between Saudi Arabia Read More

Three Reasons Why Energy Prices Will Likely Stay Low

With winter in full force, one might expect natural gas and electricity prices to be strong. High demand equals high prices, right? Well, nothing could be further from the truth this year with both markets tumbling to levels not seen in years. Analysts are always watching for fundamental reasons that could change the direction of the market, but are there Read More

Big Electricity Cost Gifts Coming in 2020

With the holidays right around the corner, a big gift is coming your way in the form of lower 2020 electricity costs. For the first time in many years, your electricity budget could see an overall decrease of up to $14.00/MWh. Finally, a reduction in expenses! Now, what to do with all the money? Why the decrease? Wholesale Market Decrease Read More

Renewable Energy Deals are Getting Interesting for Customers

Many AEP Ohio customers have been approached by the utility to consider a long-term solar arrangement in support of two solar projects it would like to develop. While this specific transaction is more complicated than traditional structures due to its regulated nature, it has likely initiated sustainability and renewable energy conversations within many companies. Over the past few years the Read More

5 Things Ohio Energy Managers Should Know Right Now

House Bill 6 Creates Uncertainty The drama surrounding House Bill 6, otherwise known as the nuclear bailout bill which was voted into law earlier this summer, has hit a new level reminiscent of the HBO series The Sopranos. Referendum seekers must obtain 265,774 signatures by Oct. 21 to place the question of HB 6 repeal on the November 2020 ballot. Read More

From Your Pocket to Theirs: Nuke Subsidies Unwarranted

We are at a pivotal point in Ohio energy policy as the Ohio General Assembly blasts House Bill 6 through the lawmaking process. So much has been written about the implications of this complex bill, but the bottom line is that customers would be forced to subsidize two nuclear plants that are “not profitable on their own” by paying them Read More

Who Should Pay for Ohio Renewables?

Hot testimony has wrapped up at the PUCO regarding AEP Ohio’s plan to develop 400 MW of solar and 500 MW of wind generation through 20-year power off-take agreements. Why the debate when Ohio’s generation market is deregulated? The issue debated is not whether or not it can be built but rather, who will pay for it. Since power generation Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Buyers

Below are three resolutions we can all live by because they do not include eating healthier or exercising more. These 2019 resolutions are targeted to energy buyers to help ensure your energy procurement programs are best-in-class.   Focus on Cost, not Just Price   Even though we folks in energy procurement are obsessed with energy rates, company budgets only care Read More