Giving the control
back to YOU

In a deregulated electricity generation market,
you have control over the choices that determine your energy costs.
How can you make the best decisions? Energy Guide sorts the relevant data to determine your best options. This reduces
your price risk and frees up your management time.


You need criteria-based solutions from trusted experts who can help your
company manage the energy marketplace to your advantage. That’s why
The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association has partnered with Scioto Energy.

Learn more about Scioto Energy’s expertise and experience.
Learn more about The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association.

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Leading the Way

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association
(OMA) created Energy Guide to help
manufacturers achieve cost savings in
energy purchasing and management.
Use Energy Guide to get customized
energy pricing and smart management
strategies for your facility.

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Key Strategies

There are keys to a comprehensive energy savings strategy.
Not all companies need all strategies. Combining the correct
ones for your company will help you maximize efficiency and
successfully manage your energy savings program.


A combination of state, federal and local programs can lead to reimbursement of up to 75% of a project cost. How are you monitoring and taking advantage of these programs?


8,760 hours/year determine your energy price with a supplier, but just five hours during the summer set your capacity and transmission costs for an entire year – you can save money by managing this five-hour Peak Load Contribution (PLC).


Responding to the demands of the transmission grid is an effective strategy to monetizing the operational flexibility of your facility.


Electric generation accounts for 80% of your total bill – so shopping rates is essential. Do you know how to manage the ups and downs of the market?

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Navigating Ahead

Your OMA Energy Guide is a trusted partner who will qualify energy service
providers, validate proposed offers, negotiate favorable contract terms and
give you full transparency along the way.


Get your company’s custom package by
contacting OMA Energy Guide today.

Phone: (614) 888-8805 Ext. 104